The Wise Woman Within Book Trailer

Are you acquainted with your Wise Woman Within?

Ch. 1 Authenticity Defined

Ch. 1 of our book deals with the topic of authenticity. What does it mean to be authentic?

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The Wise Woman Within

Two women, one 80 something and one 30 something, in very different seasons of life, chat about how they each are learning to find and listen to the voice of wisdom that God planted within their truest soul. Some trial, lots of error, but with increasing success –  they have learned the secret to connecting to their Wise Woman Within – who speaks truth and wisdom and spiritual insight, who helps steer us away from danger and disaster, who helps us speak and live in balance and kindness and love.  




The WWW book is...

A Life- Altering Invitation to Follow the Voice of Wisdom Planted by God Within the Soul 

The Wise Woman Within, in essence, is the combination of the Holy Spirit connecting with your unique personality, your feminine soul. We tap into it through being vulnerable and in honestly looking at ourselves through the lense of God’s grace. That is where we see life-changing transformation-- in finding and listening to the voice of wisdom God plants within the soul. It is a process that is ongoing this side of heaven and will be realized upon seeing Jesus face to face. 


Author Jean S. Barnes

Jean is an extroverted octogenarian who loves solitude, kids, meaningful conversations, and a glass of chardonnay at the end of the day. A former teacher, counselor, school psychologist, and family therapist, Jean is now retired after fifty years of service in these fields. 

Having endured the pain and process of inner healing and knowing God over the past six decades, she now has the freedom to fully live out who God created her to be.  Every morning, wearing a sweatshirt over her PJ’s with latte in hand, Jean heads for her backyard to have a quiet time with Jesus. As the sun rises over the Saddleback Mountains, she savors the time praying, meditating, reading the Bible, and soaking in His love and grace for the day.  

Jean enjoys attending water aerobics classes, taking long walks, playing bridge, shopping for designer clothes at discount, attending Community Bible Study, reading historical fiction, and serving in the counseling ministry at her church. Often you will hear peals of laughter coming from her terrace as friends converse over a glass of wine and gourmet nibbles. Most of all, Jean loves time with her family. 

What wisdom does she have to share? It’s simple: God is right; It’s all about love - loving God and each other.      


Co-Author Jessica Wrasman

Jess is a right- brained romantic who likes gaudy-gold framed art, textures, gourmet food, bodies of water, a thought-provoking book, and a glass of red wine. An ex-misanthrope, recovering people-pleaser, and former educator and editor, Jess now spends her days keeping two kiddos healthy and happy with lots of nose wiping and occasional book reading in between. 

Jess loves Jesus, her husband, her kids’ faces, deep conversation, and a good, big-mouthed laugh. 

She often finds herself stuck between the desire to make a mess and the need to clean up. What most frustrates her is superficial conversation, a lack of consideration, and the propriety of having to share the same opinion. 

When Jess isn’t wrangling children, eating Asian cuisine, or being presentable in society, she can be found looking homeless in sweatpants at home without makeup, scribbling something out in her mind or on the computer.

In a few years, she hopes to get back to gardening, because there is something to be gained by digging in the earth and hoping for it to spring forth life.